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My Heart

My heart hurts.

Are all guys the same,  I wonder.

I feel they all are.

Why do I say so?  You ask?

Let’s go back in time a little.

February  15…

I break up with my boyfriend …

Let’s call hi guy…

He asks me out sometime last year. Yippee I’m thrilled. I mean he’s amazing, handsome, cool, romantic and all.

We start our journey as a couple 👫.

There are ups and downs, but we manage to pull through everytime.  Things go well for a while…

Then everything changes..

He becomes too busy for me,  lacks interest in me,  stops caring and generally stops giving me the attention I crave.

I get fed up.  I end it all…

Same thing happens with guy number two. 😂

Back to the present…

He’s seriously annoying me oh. Acting like I’m demanding too much, that I don’t get. I mean Is it too much to ask for attention?

I’m just getting fed up with everything and everyone.

My bestie says it’s a phase in every relationship, and I hope it passes.

But still is it to much to ask for attention???

What About CeeJay

Well I’m just me, the plain old CeeJay

This blog is all about my life. So I should probably say something about myself.

My real name is courage,  I’m 15 and I just left school.  I’m presently running a prescience program in Uniport.

Physically,  I’m not that cute,  kinda chubby, dark,  average in height with short hair.

Socially, I’m annoying according to my pals.  I’m kinda cool 😎. Maybe funny.  Sometimes  I tend to be the typical life of the party , just saying.

Relationship wise, I’m a jealous lover although I can flirt… I’ve dated a few number of boys so I can say I’m experienced. 😂

That’s a basic introduction although you’ll all get to know more about me.